Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stinson Beach - June 2009- Part 1

If I had to pick one place on Earth that gave me peace it would be Stinson Beach. Every time I drive over the hill a feeling of calm comes over me. It is My happy place! We started going there the summer I turned 1 and I had my first birthday there. I learned to walk in the sand on the beach at the end of Calle de Resaca. We stayed in the same house for a number of years (I think 8 summers at Linger Longer - the name of the house) and made some amazing friends on that street - they are still a very important part of our lives. Over the years we stayed at other houses and I went back every chance I could. The summer of 2007 we rented a house on Calle de Resaca, but not "the" house - just across the street. We rented the same house in 2008, but this year we got to go home! It took some tracking, but I did it. The owner of Linger Longer rents the home out herself and only to people she has rented to before. After a few phone calls I convinced her to give us 8 days. It was an amazing week. My girls slept in the same beds Sophie and I slept in as little girls and not much has changed. We were next door to Patty and that was such a gift. We are all so sad about Peggy's passing, but it was wonderful to be together. My mom did not make it up this year, but Sophie and John were both there for most of the week, and Kathleen came up to be with the girls and I the first 2 nights. We ate Walt's Specials and ice cream from Parkside and visited with Annie at the book store and we played on the beach a lot. Lots of times every day! The weather was beautiful - just a day and a half of clouds all week and that was just fine. We had wonderful neighbors and all the kids played. It was prefect!
Sophie and Patty

Patty and Lilly baking Yummy Cookies

My girls playing on the beach

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That looks like a great place. I'm glad you like to Tea Pot Door hanger. Thanks for entering & Good Luck!