Thursday, January 28, 2010

Etsy site is up!

Please go to and support a great cause!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ashley's Prints with Love

As most people my beautiful 9 year old niece passed away on January 12th from injuries she sustained in a car crash on December 31st. I have decided that I want to do something for other families who face the same tragedy that we faced when Ashley passed away. I have a friend who makes beautiful charms using your child's thumb print. A few days after the accident I brought the "compound" with me to the hospital and took impressions of Ashley's thumb prints. I brought the impressions to Janessa ( and she made Ashley's prints into beautiful charms for Cindy, Roger, Taylor, and Mary (my MIL - Ashley's grandma). They are able to wear Ashley's print around their neck and keep her close to their hearts. While I was doing the impressions the nurse and social worker commented on what a wonderful idea this was. There is a process called memory making that they do in the ICU before a child passes away. They do hand prints of the child on paper and also in clay. Now another item will be added to the memory making process. Janessa and I will meet with the social workers at Children's on Thursday and she will teach them how to take the thumb impression of the children and we will provide the family with 2 Thumb print charms with their child's print.

How you can help! Janessa has given me a very good rate, but the prints are not inexpensive to make. The charms will cost $30 each and I want to give 2 to each family. An average of 4 children pass away in the ICU at Children's hospital every month. I am asking for people to donate items that can be sold on an ETSY site to raise money or to give a donation. You can donate by paypaling money to or mailing me a check. ALL PROFITS from the Etsy site and donations will go directly to paying for the charms! I will cover all shipping costs myself! PLEASE let me know if you would like to help a family keep the memory of their child close to their heart! My e mail address is

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ashley Nova Heffington

September 1, 2000 to January 12, 2010

Her life was way to short and the pain of her death will be with us for all of our lives. I remember the day she was born. I had a dermatologist appointment at in the Xi med building right next to Scrips La Jolla and I was looking out the window when the doctor came in. I told her that my boyfriend's sister was in labor and having a baby today across the way. I could see the hospital from the window. I was so excited! I remember visiting the next day and seeing her sweet face. I remember going to their house a few days later and Cindy would not let me hold Ashley. She loved her so much. I remember buying her pretty things like the precious moments figuring for her first birthday. I remember that a 21 month old Ashley would not walk down the isle at our wedding and that Diana had to carry her. I remember the day Cindy called me and asked me to watch Ashley because her water had broken and she went to have Taylor. I remember having her at our little house in OB one afternoon and I had taken her to the farmers market and when we came back to our house she threw up all over the living room floor. I was so scared that I did something to her (she was about 3 and she also puked all over my little Honda civic). I remember that she helped me open all of my gifts at the baby shower Leslie Hanna had for me before Lilly was born. I remember how happy she was that Lilly was a girl and that she wanted to feed her. I think that her relationship with Lilly is what makes me the most sad. My Lilly adored Ashley. Ashley was such an amazing role model for Lilly. I will write more soon - right now my eyes are to filled with tears.

Monday, January 4, 2010


My sweet 9 yearold niece was very badly hurt in a car accident on December 31st. The link to her carebridhe site is - I am having some trouble with pictures on that site so I am posting them here. PLEASE PRAy for her recovery!

Beautiful Miss AAshley and Lilly in Grandma's bed


Ashley and Lilly