Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Figuring it out....

Well I am getting into the groove with work. I am enjoying the job and things at home are calming down. Last week went smoothly. Monday was a very special day because we welcomed Katie and Lauren to our family. Michelle was able to cary them to 38 weeks so she they were big babies. Katie was 6lbs 1oz and Lauren was 6lbs 15oz. I was able to be at the hospital when they were born and I was able to hold Katie when she was just 1 hour old. It was such an emotional experience and one I will never forget. I am so excited to have two little nieces to love. They are such a blessing. I took the girls to get flu shots on Tuesday after school. Wednesday and Thursday were regular work/school days. Friday Anna and I got some stuff done and then picked her friend Stella up from school. I took the little girls to lunch and then picked up Lilly. That evening was the Silver Gate Harvest Festival and the girls had a blast. I left a little early to meet my friend Cathy for dinner. She is a flight attendant and had a lay over. We had a wonderful dinner at Miguel's and then chatted some more over coffee at Starbucks. I am do excited that she will next Saturday and we get to go to lunch. Saturday was busy!! Anna had a soccer game and then 2 birthday parties for school friends. Lilly enjoyed some time with grandma Franny. They got their nails done. Then we met up with John and Lilly and went to the Lewis' for Elizabeth's birthday party. It was a wonderful party. Elizabeth has had a tough year with some hip issues and it was a special celebration. We were there til 7:30 and when we get home we were all ready for bed. Sunday was church and then we headed over to the Newcomer's. Jaimee and I let the kids play and took them to lunch while the boys went surfing. After that we took a family trip to Costco ;). It was a fun and full weekend!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend Away

A few months ago John suggested that we get away for 3 nights with the girls.  He found a good deal at a resort in Palm Springs and booked it.  Little did we know that we would all need a little R and R. Getting back into work/home balance has been tough and this break came at the perfect time.  I worked Tuesday and Wednesday this week so that we could be free to leave mid day Thursday.  I got everything packed up and picked up Lilly (she get's out at 12:35 on Thursday).  Anna had a field trip so Courtney brought her home.  We loaded up and away we went.  We got to Palm Springs a little after 4 and stopped for dinner. We checked into the resort and John took the girls for a swim while I went to the store for a few things. We all got to bed early. Friday morning we woke up and had a yummy breakfast at the hotel, we headed back to the room and got ready for a day at splashtopia the resort's water park. We all enjoyed the water slides, lazy river, and little beach. We had pool service for lunch, the girls love when food is delivered to them, room service or pool service. They also deliver adult drinks :). We were there for over 6 hours. We got cleaned up and headed to PF Chang for dinner and then to get some ice cream. We were all tired and went back to the hotel. The girls and I went to sleep and John met up with Mark and a few other friends for an overnight hike. Yes, they are a little nuts. The next morning the girls and I had room service for breakfast, played, and headed back to splashtopia. John did not get back til almost 2pm. One guy couldn't make it and they all got separated for a while. Thankfully they all met back up and had lunch before the other's heading back to San Diego and John meeting up with us. We were at the pool, etc for about 6 hours again and everyone was tired. We got ready for dinner and headed to a Mexican place a few people had recommend. Well it was closed for a private party :(. We ended up at chipotle. At least the girls were happy! After our gourmet dinner we decided to head to over the rainbow cupcakes. It was a bit of a drive, but yummy. We headed back to the resort and got some sleep. Sunday we woke up and ordered room service, the girls were thrilled. John took them to the pool and I went on a run/walk :). We are heading home soon. I am so glad we got to get away. I feel recharged for the week ahead. My friend Leslie H. Is going to help me plan my week. I am excited to get an external opinion on things. She raised 4 kids and works at our church so I know she will have good ideas.

I ramble.......

Last spring I had a "moment".  I knew Anna was starting Pre-k, Monday to Thursday from 9 to 2 and Lilly would be in 2nd grade.  What was I going to do with myself?  If I have to much free time I waste time.  I thought about getting my IUD removed and trying for another baby, we talked about adoption, and I called my old boss and asked if she had a part-time job for me.  The old boss said their was nothing available and I didn't have it in me to get a resume together .  My sister in law became pregnant with twins so that assured me a baby fix and the thought of starting over with a new baby seamed overwhelming.  So I just decided to enjoy the summer and re-evaluate in the fall.  Well the old boss called in July with a job.  I took it and pushed it back til late August, just before school started.  During my what am I going to do with myself "moment". I committed to MOPS, Thursday Club, and being a Girl Scout co-leader.  Now I also have a job!  O wow!  All of these things are great, but it is a lot.  I have a lot going on, a lot to balance.  It is overwhelming and I am still figuring out how to make it all happen without me loosing my mind.  I also want to play tennis, O I love tennis.  I also am getting back into pilates :).  There are financial goals that I feel very strongly about making and therefor the job needs to stay.  I am not volunteering at Lilly's school and I am learning to delegate and say NO.   Saying no and asking for help can be hard for me, but if I am not going to loose my marbles it is going to have to happen.

Back to Work!

At the end of August I went back to work at Workway. It was supposed to be 16 hours a week, but after a few internal changes it was changed to 20. I work about 3 hours on Monday when the girls are at school and all day Wednesday and Thursday, and a conference call Friday mornings. I run MOPS at my church every other Tuesday and on non-meeting Tuesday's I need to prep (let's just say I am a little behind on the prep work). I am very thankful that I spent a lot of time in August before work started getting everything set up. Basically I am busy every hour the girls are in school (Anna does not have school on Fridays). I am still in the "figuring out how to make this work" phase. It is very overwhelming, as I still have to keep my home running. Last Monday I lost it! I felt like everything was falling apart and I just lost it! My mom called as I was driving home crying and I told her how hard all of this was. She felt so bad that she came over and did all of the dishes and straitened up, while i sat on the computer and worked. At noon John and I went to see Anna do her all about me report at school. It was so cute and she did a great job! After we went to lunch and I told him that I could not keep working unless he helped out with the house. We made a list and he has been making a good effort. Bottom line is that I need to come up with some ways to make life easier and plan more. I also need to fit in me time!  I am still figuring out a schedule with my cleaning lady. She came on Tuesday and let me tell you that was huge! My mother in law was so sweet to keep the house clean til I got home from work! So I have a lot of thinking to do. I LOVE MOPS, and I hate to give it up. I just don't think I can do both.  It is a huge financial help to have me work. There are bills we need to pay off, i need a new car, and trips we want to take and those things will not happen without extra income. Let's just say work pays a lot more then MOPS.  John loves his job and it allows him to be around and be a great dad. I have to put things in perspective, and decide what is best for our family as a whole. Both girls are in school and my MIL lives with us and my parents down the street and they are both willing to help. There is really no excuse for me to not work part time. So I hope getting my feelings on "paper" will help. I know something has got to give, It is hard.  I have decided to give it 6 months before I make any big decisions.  I also need to keep MOPS til Anna is done with school because it pays for Pre-k.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Back to the blog

Well it has been a while:). I am going to blog again, I need a journal of my life and this seams like the easiest way. Lots going on in the Feher household. Lilly is in 2nd grade and doing great. With a little support she is thriving at school. We also have her ADHD under control. She is riding once, sometimes twice a week and is doing great. She is so confident on a horse. Grandma Franny drives her out to El Cajon for lessons. She is also going art lessons and Girl Scouts. She will start tennis soon. She went to tennis camp this summer and loved it. Anna is loving pre-k. She is also taking gymnastics. She is doing great at gymnastics and loves it! John's job is going good and he is still doing lots of races. He is also taking karate and going for his black belt. The big news for me is that I am back in the working world. I was offered a job at my old company and started in late August. I am working 20 hours a week. I am still adjusting and to be honest it has been a little rough. I am figuring out a balance and I am still running MOPS at PLCPC. I feel very passionate about MOPS and I need to make some decisions. I feel myself being very indecisive about how I see my work life playing out. I am going to see how the next few months go before making any big decisions. I am getting more help with the house and realizing I don't have to cook every night. I can't do it all and I am accepting that I can take shortcuts and get some help. Just as long as my family is happy and taken care of.

There are some wonderful things coming up, most importantly my sister's wedding in June. I am so happy for her and Ian. They are an amazing couple and I am so glad they found each other. I am already looking forward to our time up North next summer. Our dear friend Catie Hanna is getting married next fall and the girls are also in that wedding. Also, I will be an aunt in the next few days to 2 baby girls. I am beyond excited to welcome these 2 into our family. I know they will bring so much joy!