Sunday, October 14, 2012

Back to Work!

At the end of August I went back to work at Workway. It was supposed to be 16 hours a week, but after a few internal changes it was changed to 20. I work about 3 hours on Monday when the girls are at school and all day Wednesday and Thursday, and a conference call Friday mornings. I run MOPS at my church every other Tuesday and on non-meeting Tuesday's I need to prep (let's just say I am a little behind on the prep work). I am very thankful that I spent a lot of time in August before work started getting everything set up. Basically I am busy every hour the girls are in school (Anna does not have school on Fridays). I am still in the "figuring out how to make this work" phase. It is very overwhelming, as I still have to keep my home running. Last Monday I lost it! I felt like everything was falling apart and I just lost it! My mom called as I was driving home crying and I told her how hard all of this was. She felt so bad that she came over and did all of the dishes and straitened up, while i sat on the computer and worked. At noon John and I went to see Anna do her all about me report at school. It was so cute and she did a great job! After we went to lunch and I told him that I could not keep working unless he helped out with the house. We made a list and he has been making a good effort. Bottom line is that I need to come up with some ways to make life easier and plan more. I also need to fit in me time!  I am still figuring out a schedule with my cleaning lady. She came on Tuesday and let me tell you that was huge! My mother in law was so sweet to keep the house clean til I got home from work! So I have a lot of thinking to do. I LOVE MOPS, and I hate to give it up. I just don't think I can do both.  It is a huge financial help to have me work. There are bills we need to pay off, i need a new car, and trips we want to take and those things will not happen without extra income. Let's just say work pays a lot more then MOPS.  John loves his job and it allows him to be around and be a great dad. I have to put things in perspective, and decide what is best for our family as a whole. Both girls are in school and my MIL lives with us and my parents down the street and they are both willing to help. There is really no excuse for me to not work part time. So I hope getting my feelings on "paper" will help. I know something has got to give, It is hard.  I have decided to give it 6 months before I make any big decisions.  I also need to keep MOPS til Anna is done with school because it pays for Pre-k.

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