Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Figuring it out....

Well I am getting into the groove with work. I am enjoying the job and things at home are calming down. Last week went smoothly. Monday was a very special day because we welcomed Katie and Lauren to our family. Michelle was able to cary them to 38 weeks so she they were big babies. Katie was 6lbs 1oz and Lauren was 6lbs 15oz. I was able to be at the hospital when they were born and I was able to hold Katie when she was just 1 hour old. It was such an emotional experience and one I will never forget. I am so excited to have two little nieces to love. They are such a blessing. I took the girls to get flu shots on Tuesday after school. Wednesday and Thursday were regular work/school days. Friday Anna and I got some stuff done and then picked her friend Stella up from school. I took the little girls to lunch and then picked up Lilly. That evening was the Silver Gate Harvest Festival and the girls had a blast. I left a little early to meet my friend Cathy for dinner. She is a flight attendant and had a lay over. We had a wonderful dinner at Miguel's and then chatted some more over coffee at Starbucks. I am do excited that she will next Saturday and we get to go to lunch. Saturday was busy!! Anna had a soccer game and then 2 birthday parties for school friends. Lilly enjoyed some time with grandma Franny. They got their nails done. Then we met up with John and Lilly and went to the Lewis' for Elizabeth's birthday party. It was a wonderful party. Elizabeth has had a tough year with some hip issues and it was a special celebration. We were there til 7:30 and when we get home we were all ready for bed. Sunday was church and then we headed over to the Newcomer's. Jaimee and I let the kids play and took them to lunch while the boys went surfing. After that we took a family trip to Costco ;). It was a fun and full weekend!

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