Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Few Pictures......

The hut we found down the beach
Bath time fun - they take lots of bath's here
Ice Cream at Parkside - YUMMY!
Patty at Audubon

Lilly at Audubon

Monday, June 28, 2010

Tuesday Night - Monday

Tuesday afternoon we ran into Rosie (an family friend) at the market and invited her to join us for dinner. Patty and Rosie came for dinner and we had a feast of local Muscles, artichokes, steak and an AMAZING lemon tart that Patty made! It was wonderful! Sophie and Kate left in the morning and it was just me and the girls! We just relaxed, went to Parkside for lunch, played on the playground. We went to Bolinas get a few things and rented a few movies. Patty made dinner for us and we just relaxed. Thursday the girls and I spent a lot of time on the beach in the morning. We found a "house" someone had make and the girls loved it. We dug for sandcrabs and just enjoyed the quiet beach. In the afternoon Anna was getting tired and Lilly wanted to see the horses, lamas, and cows so we took a drive up North. We drove through Point Reyes Station, but the kite store was still closed so we headed North to Tomales Bay and I got some muscles to make myself for dinner. We drove back and the girls slept in the car. That night I made myself a wonderful dinner of salad - all from Gospel Flats, bread from Freestone, Tomales Bay Muscles, and Cowgirl cheese. It was so relaxing! Friday morning we work up and went to the beach, made lunch at the house, and then headed to Bolinas to get more veggies and do some laundry. The beach must have worn the girls out, because they both fell asleep on the short ride. There is a wonderful (big) organic farm and on Friday afternoons they have a farm stand. They have a wonderful variety. Friday night Patty picked up dinner for us at Parkside. John got in Friday night and hiked the Dipsea Trail by moon light (and a head lamp). He got to the house at 12:30am. He loved is late night hike over the mountain. The girls were so excited to wake up Saturday morning and see their dad. They played with him and loved showing him the house (he was here last year, but they were excited). Lilly was especially excited to show him that she was sleeping on the top bunk. John took the girls to town to find a kite and get lunch. I went to get a few things at the store and then Maria and Paul arrived. Maria is John's sister and Paul is her husband. They live in San Fran and have come up for a night the past few years. Paul is a true foodie and made us a wonderful dinner! He also works for Ghirardelli and brought LOTS of yummy chocolate. After dinner and some drinks everyone went to sleep and John and I went crab hunting. John had seen LOTS of crabs on the beach the night before (we think because of the full moon). We caught 3 and had a night walk on the very quiet beach. Sunday we made breakfast and then John, Lilly, Maria, and Paul headed to Audubon Canyon Ranch and tired Anna and I headed to Tomales Bay to get muscles and oysters. They were out of muscles, but I got 2 dozen big oysters. We got back and Paul shucked the oysters and we BBQ'd them with lots of veggies. We also cooked up the crabs we caught - Lilly freaked out until John explained things to her. It was a Beautiful day at the beach and there were so many people on the beach. We headed down after lunch and John took Lilly surfing and Anna and I played on the beach. Maria and Paul headed back to the city. Today is Monday and John made us a yummy breakfast and then went to fly kites on the beach with the girls. I headed to Bolinas to do laundry and get some food at the store and gospel flats. It is amazing how calm and relaxing this place is. Being here is good for my sole!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sunday Sophie's friends came up to hike and they cooked us a wonderful dinner. We relaxed and went to bed early. Monday morning was foggy so around 11am I decided that the girls and I should take an adventure to Freestone to the Wild Flour Bakery. Effie brought us bread from there on Saturday when she came to get Kathleen and Courtney. It was so YUMMY! Kate went to a wedding in Napa on Sunday she met us in Freestone and then we headed to Sebastopol for a little sight seeing. Then we brought Kate back to her car in Freestone and she followed us back to Stinson. 2 of Sophie's friends from work had come up for the day and Patty brought over chili for dinner - to go with the bread from Wild Flour. On Tuesday morning we relaxed and then headed to Point Reyes Station. The intention was to buy cites, but the Kite store was closed. We had lunch and walked around town, got some veggies and headed back to the beach house. Both girls fell asleep on the drive. Lilly woke up when we got home and I put Anna in her bed. Kate and Sophie stayed with the girls and I headed to Bolinas to do some laundry and get a few things from the store. Yesterday Kate picked up some Muscles from the Marshal Store and we are going to make them for dinner tonight! Yum!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saturday and Sunday...

Anna and Lilly on the top bunk!
Saturday we woke up early - well the girls did and Courtney came in the took them so I could sleep. I love that I watched her and now she helps with the girls. She was 3 when we moved to the house on Alhambra. Watching her grow up has been such an honor. I love that she was in my wedding! We all headed to the beach - it was Very Windy so one of our wonderful neighbors lent us a wind "tent". We played on the beach and relaxed. Lilly met up with some friends (they rent the house across the street the same week every year) and helped dig a BIG hole in the sand. We went back and forth all day. We made a trip to Gospel Flats Farm stand - I LOVE this place! They have all of their produce on display and a payment box - all done on the honor system - only in Bolinas (or Bobo as we call it). We made lunch and Sophie's friend Greg came up from the city with his friend Vivi and her boyfriend Tyler. Effie and John came to get Kathleen and Courtney to take them back to the city (they were in Calistoga for a few days). Greg and company stayed and made a nice BBQ. We had our first taste of Cowgirl Creamery Cheese for the year - so yummy! They took off around 8pm and the girls went to bed in the bunk room. Sophie and I watched a movie and I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up around 2am and decided to sleep in the bunk room with the girls. On Sunday we woke up, the girls took a bath and we headed with Patty to Audubon Canyon Ranch. My mom used to take us there as kids. She was friends with the family who lived there and I loved taking the girls. We went on a nice hike and saw lots of birds and other animals - including a big buck deer. We came back to a surprise visit from John's sister Maria and her husband Paul. They were in the area to go on a hike and stopped by. They will be back for the night next weekend. When they left the girls and I went with Patty to Bolinas (with a stop at Gospel Flats for more veggies). We went to the organic store there and I love it! Bolinas is an amazing place and I will do a post on it soon. Anna fell asleep on the way back and Lilly and I read the new books we got at Audubon Canyon. Now Lilly is over at Patty's baking something special. I just love that they get to have time together and I know they enjoy their time alone. Sophie reminded me today that Patty (and Annie) are the only people we have known our entire lives (who we are not related to). I love Stinson!
PS - I put French Braids in Lilly's hair today for the first time - so cute!

Friday, June 18, 2010

We Made It...

It took us 10 hours and 10 minutes, but we made it from San Diego to San Francisco! We stopped at IHOP for lunch and again at Casa De Frutas for some treats, a train ride, and a carousel ride (a very fun stop for all of us). We got to Gale's at 7pm and she greeted us with a yummy dinner. On Wednesday we went to China Town with my sister and a friend Greg from Rome and then had a wonderful dinner at Auntie Effie's. On Thursday we went to the Academy of Science Museum in Golden Gate Park and LOVED the Aquarium and the kids play area! From there we headed to Millbrae to visit Audrey and Shelley (they babysat me when I was the girls age). I love seeing them! They have been so important in my life since I was 3 and I was a flower girl in Aud's wedding when I was 4 - Aud and I also share a birthday. After our visit we headed to Georgio's for pizza with the girls, Kathleen, and Gale. This morning we relaxed - Gale made us the best breakfast and I packed the car - it was beyond packed!!! Then we picked up Kathleen and headed to Stinson. We got here and Kathleen took the girls to the beach and I unpacked. Then we headed to Parkside and got some yummies and then went to visit Annie at the bookstore and got the girls new dolls and books. I LOVE the bookstore (and Annie). Then I made some dinner and our sweet Sophie and Court arrived! Patty stopped by for a visit. We enjoyed some wine and then a walk on the beach. The girls are in the bunk room and Lilly is on the top bunk - loving that the girls are sleeping in the same room Sophie and I did. The perfect first day at Stinson.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We 're Off...

This morning the girls and I leave beautiful San Diego for San Francisco and then Stinson Beach! First stop is Gale House in wonderful San Francisco. We will spend Wednesday and Thursday visiting with family and a few favorite museums and then Friday morning we are off to Stinson! If there is 1 place on this Earth that makes me calm and happy it is Stinson and the house we stay in I have spent many summers at! This year is especially special because I get to spend my birthday there. We will get to spend time with very special friends and just relax on the beach. I will write more about the significance of this place and house in the coming days. Bloggy World I am back!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Ashley's Prints with Love Fundraiser

Please Join Us............

Date: Sunday, June 6, 2010
Time: 3:00pm - 7:00pm
Location: Glasser Home

3817 Jennings Street - San Diego, CA 92106(Point Loma)

Please join us for a Silpada Fund Raiser to benefit Ashley's Prints with Love! Ashley's Prints with Love is a memorial to my niece Ashley Nova Heffington who passed away on January 12, 2010 at the age of 9. The gift of her thumb print in silver was given to her family. Now her family is giving that gift to others. Please help us give a precious memory to parents who have lost a child in the ICU at Rady Children's Hospital. These charms allow parents to keep their child close to their heart when they are no longer with us on Earth. You can view the charms at www.designsbyjanessa.com. We give each family 2 charms. We hope you can join us for this event! If you are unable to attend please contact Zoe to place your order - zoefeher@cox.net - to preview the Jewelry please go to www.mysilpada.com/zoe.feher and click on Jewelry Catalog 100% of the profits from this party and outside orders will go Directly to Ashley's Prints!

If you have any questions Please Call Zoe at 619-847-2240 or e-mail zoefeher@cox.net

ALL ARE WELCOME (children included)!