Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saturday and Sunday...

Anna and Lilly on the top bunk!
Saturday we woke up early - well the girls did and Courtney came in the took them so I could sleep. I love that I watched her and now she helps with the girls. She was 3 when we moved to the house on Alhambra. Watching her grow up has been such an honor. I love that she was in my wedding! We all headed to the beach - it was Very Windy so one of our wonderful neighbors lent us a wind "tent". We played on the beach and relaxed. Lilly met up with some friends (they rent the house across the street the same week every year) and helped dig a BIG hole in the sand. We went back and forth all day. We made a trip to Gospel Flats Farm stand - I LOVE this place! They have all of their produce on display and a payment box - all done on the honor system - only in Bolinas (or Bobo as we call it). We made lunch and Sophie's friend Greg came up from the city with his friend Vivi and her boyfriend Tyler. Effie and John came to get Kathleen and Courtney to take them back to the city (they were in Calistoga for a few days). Greg and company stayed and made a nice BBQ. We had our first taste of Cowgirl Creamery Cheese for the year - so yummy! They took off around 8pm and the girls went to bed in the bunk room. Sophie and I watched a movie and I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up around 2am and decided to sleep in the bunk room with the girls. On Sunday we woke up, the girls took a bath and we headed with Patty to Audubon Canyon Ranch. My mom used to take us there as kids. She was friends with the family who lived there and I loved taking the girls. We went on a nice hike and saw lots of birds and other animals - including a big buck deer. We came back to a surprise visit from John's sister Maria and her husband Paul. They were in the area to go on a hike and stopped by. They will be back for the night next weekend. When they left the girls and I went with Patty to Bolinas (with a stop at Gospel Flats for more veggies). We went to the organic store there and I love it! Bolinas is an amazing place and I will do a post on it soon. Anna fell asleep on the way back and Lilly and I read the new books we got at Audubon Canyon. Now Lilly is over at Patty's baking something special. I just love that they get to have time together and I know they enjoy their time alone. Sophie reminded me today that Patty (and Annie) are the only people we have known our entire lives (who we are not related to). I love Stinson!
PS - I put French Braids in Lilly's hair today for the first time - so cute!

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