Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sunday Sophie's friends came up to hike and they cooked us a wonderful dinner. We relaxed and went to bed early. Monday morning was foggy so around 11am I decided that the girls and I should take an adventure to Freestone to the Wild Flour Bakery. Effie brought us bread from there on Saturday when she came to get Kathleen and Courtney. It was so YUMMY! Kate went to a wedding in Napa on Sunday she met us in Freestone and then we headed to Sebastopol for a little sight seeing. Then we brought Kate back to her car in Freestone and she followed us back to Stinson. 2 of Sophie's friends from work had come up for the day and Patty brought over chili for dinner - to go with the bread from Wild Flour. On Tuesday morning we relaxed and then headed to Point Reyes Station. The intention was to buy cites, but the Kite store was closed. We had lunch and walked around town, got some veggies and headed back to the beach house. Both girls fell asleep on the drive. Lilly woke up when we got home and I put Anna in her bed. Kate and Sophie stayed with the girls and I headed to Bolinas to do some laundry and get a few things from the store. Yesterday Kate picked up some Muscles from the Marshal Store and we are going to make them for dinner tonight! Yum!

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