Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas 2008

I love the holidays! I start listening to Christmas music in October - I know I am weird! We got our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. We always get our tree at the Rite Aid in OB. John and I started getting our trees there when we lived on Sunset Cliffs Blvd and now it is a tradition. John and Lilly went this year and came back with a very cute tree! This was the first year Lilly decorated the tree with us and she was so excited!

Christmas Eve - The day started with both girls not feeling very good. Anna started feeling better, but by 4pm Lilly had a 103 fever. I have her motrin and it brought it right down, but we decided to skip Church. We went to my MIL's for Dinner and our Christmas Celebration with John's family. The cousin's played and we all had a very nice time.

Christmas Day - We all woke up and opened gifts from Santa. Lilly was not as excited as I expected, but she was not feeling great. We had a quiet morning at home before heading over to my parents house.

We had fun opening more gifts and eating a yummy meal!

This is the only picture of the 4 of us. Lilly decided that she didn't like her dress! It was so beautiful and my mom took so much time to find her ans Anna coordinating dresses!

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