Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I love 3 year old's imaginations. Lilly is very into dressing up, making up stories, talking for her dolls/animals. I love listening to her. The things she says are so funny and enlightening. Tonight she was running around the house with a pool noodle pretending to put out a fire! She loves to hide under the covers and make a cocoon or pretend she is hiding from monsters (she is not afraid of monsters). I love playing dress up with her. She has a wide variety of things she likes to dress up as from being a wonder pet with her cape (www.babypop.etsy.com) - (Dori and Jess if you read this I am getting these for the boys for Christmas), to being any number of princesses, a bumble bee, etc. It is so cute how she makes John and I dress up with her (I need to get a mommy size tutu - I am going to break hers). Listening to her play with her doll house makes me laugh every time. I love the innocence of childhood!

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