Sunday, October 18, 2009

So Much To Talk About!

This is suposed to be a journal and as I am well aware I am not very good at keeping a consistent journal (or blog). I am working on it! So I will start with our move! I am soooo happy that we finally moved! We bought our house back in 2003 and had no intention of staying there more then a few years! We tried without success to sell a few time and then the market Tanked! We were not able to sell it and the neighborhood was going down hill (due to the economy - I will not get into the details, but I was not raising my kids there!!!). We made a decision that was best for our family to just walk away! We just could not be there any longer. The process took a little over a year and then in August we moved! I am so happy to be back in Point Loma! We rented a town house in a big "complex" with lots of kids and lots of open space for the kids to play outside. I can sit on my door step and watch them play or be cooking dinner and watch them through the window. It is not a long term place, but it is perfect for now! Next summer we will figure out what we want to do! Until then we will just enjoy being back in Point Loma closer to friends and family.

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