Saturday, July 17, 2010

Big Sur and Home

On July 2nd we finished packing the car and headed out of Stinson at about 10am. I was so sad to leave, but knew I would be back soon. We headed to Gale's in the city and brought all of our "beach gear" to her house for next time. The girls and I stayed with her for a few hours while John took the car to get an oil change. It was so nice to spend some time with Gale. She is such a special person and she really is part of our family. I also love being at my aunt Helen's house (Gale lives there). She has been got for a while now, but her house still has a special feeling.

Me and Gale
When the car was ready we headed down the coast to Big Sur. It is a spectacular drive. We got to our hotel and checked in and headed to the pool. John took the girls swimming and I got organized - we took a little walk in the river and had some dinner. The girls watched a movie in the room and we relaxed. In the morning we got up and went to Deetjens for breakfast. This place is magical and it looks almost the same as it did when it was built in the 1930's. Not that kid friendly, but we enjoyed our meal.
The beautiful waterfall Deetjens
From there we went to see the waterfall that goes into the ocean at Julia Pfeiffer State Park - the view was amazing!Then we headed back to the hotel and John took the girls to the pool while I packed up. We ended up staying there until 3pm. Anna decided she was done with the pool and we hung out in the river!

At 3 we got in the car and continued South. We stopped along the way to get some fireworks and for dinner. We made it to Santa Maria in time for another dip in the pool - my kids LOVE to swim! We stayed there for the night and in the morning finished our drive home. We arrived home to some neighbors having a 4th of July celebration so we joined in - ALL of the kids (and adults) enjoyed the fireworks!

It was a special 3 weeks and we miss all of our family and friends in Northern California! It means the world to me that my girls get to have all of the special memories of San Francisco and Stinson that I got to have as a child. Thank you Auntie Sophie, Auntie Effie, Auntie Kathleen, Patty, Gale, Uncle John, Great Uncle Johnny, Great Aunt Kay, Rosie, Chrissy, and Annie for making our trip so special! We love you!!!

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