Thursday, November 6, 2008

2 Puking Kids and a Clogged Sink

That sums up the last few days. Both girls have been sick and the kitchen sink is clogged up! The plumber is coming tomorrow (John tried to fix it to no avail) and it looks like the girls are on the mend. I feel like the last few days have been some sort of initiation into motherhood. I have been a mom for 3 1/2 years, but I have never had to care for 2 sick kids at the same time. It is one heck of a balancing act! I love my girls so much and it is so hard to see them suffering. Lilly was begging me for food - poor little girl. She spent much of today on the couch with her barf bowl (her cute hair in pig-tails) looking so tired and telling me "I'm sick mommy - I don't feel very well" - my poor little girl. Anna was feeling much better today. You could tell because she was bugging her sister. She kept sneaking into their room while Lilly was sleeping and pulling on her covers and laughing. The last few days also reminded me how grateful I am to have my family so close. My mother-in-law has been here a few times this week and my mom brought me grocery's this morning. They have both been wonderful. I have had a long few days, but I would rather be home taking care of Lilly and Anna then anywhere else. Being there mom is the best (and toughest) job I will ever do. I was watching them sleep tonight and the amount of love I have for my 2 little girls overwhelms me.

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