Saturday, November 8, 2008

On The Mend and Mom got a night off!

Well it looks like everyone is on the mend! I still feel good - thankfully I never got the bug that John and the girls got. I am a little tired from Anna wanting to get up at 3 am. We finally let her cry it out and even after 30 minutes of crying/yelling she went to sleep. The crazy thing is that Lilly's bed is 3 feet from Anna's crib and she never woke up. Kids are amazing! I took the girls to the Zoo for a few hours to let John get some rest. He let me go back to sleep earlier in the day and I was very grateful. We did not get a lot of rest this week. After the Zoo we relaxed and I brought some clips to So Childish and then I got ready to go out. Lilly decided that she needed lipstick and brought be a "beautiful headband" to wear - she is such a sweet and loving little girl. It makes me smile that her favorite thing to see at the zoo is the snakes and she likes to wear lipstick. She is a well rounded kid! I was so excited to go to a nice dinner with Jess and Diana and we had a great time. It was nice to have a glass of wine and a nice meal and not be worried about or feeding someone else. We did talk about the kids a lot, but that is our life! I am off to bed because at the rate things have been going I will be out of my bed 3 or 4 times tonight!

I am grateful..
- That John knows that me getting out with friends and having a break makes me a better mom
- To have wonderful friends to share a meal with
- That my kids are feeling better - seeing them sick breaks my heart

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