Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Busy Week

It feels like Tuesday (the last post) was so long ago. On Tuesday Lilly started Speech therapy - her teacher said that she did good for her first day. I am assuming that it will take a little while to see improvement. It is hard because I (as her mom) understand almost everything that comes out of her cute little mouth. She is in a class with 4 other kids and they also work on behavior with them. She goes at a local public elementary school and I drop her off for 1 hour. She was not at all apprehensive about me leaving her there and that was Great for me! During that hour I ran errands and Anna slept. After I picked her up from "speech school" we went to have lunch with Jess, Jack, and Luck. It is our Tuesday tradition since Lilly and Jack no longer go to the same school and have very different schedules. We had fun with them until Jess had to take Jack to school. We had a relaxing rest of the day with a trip to the park.

Wednesday was my Dinner exchange. I love the dinner exchange. You make a bunch of 1 thing and get a bunch of different dinners. It is great. Anna had so much fun playing with her little friends. Grandma Mary came over in the afternoon and took Lilly to the park.

Thursday was gymnastics and playgroup. Lilly and I are doing mommy and me, but next week she is going to try the big girl class. After gymnastics we went to Halloween Playgroup hosted by Christine. We all had a blast - she is an amazing hostess and Lilly did not want to leave.

Friday - Halloween!!! Lilly had school and then we came home and visited with our neighbors Marge and Grant. Lilly and Grant played and then we got ready to hear over to the Castagnola's annual party- we had a blast trick or treating with friends. It was a wonderful evening! I will post pictures of my little pirate and Dorothy.

Saturday daddy took the girls to the beach and I got to go to Dim Sum with Karina and then come back to a quiet house. I worked on Clip Fairy stuff - sent out a big e-mail about our holiday clips and so far 4 new orders!!! I love our clips!!! My dad and Justin came for dinner and my dad brought yummy pizza and salad - I did not have to cook!!! It was a nice night. My mom is in Kentucky picking up her new puppy - we can't wait to meet little Posie.

I am grateful for..
-having a husband who gave me a much needed break today
-the aprons from my wonderful cousin Emma (I wear them all the time)
-my girls - they might drive me nuts sometimes but they are the light of my life

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