Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Quiet Week

I have not written for a week and definitely need to catch up! Last Sunday Uncle Justin watched the girls so that John and I could go to dinner ALONE!!! We have definitely not been doing this enough. It was a wonderful dinner at The Ritual a pub/restaurant right near our house. We walked over and had a yummy dinner and some drinks! We definitely need to get out just the 2 of us more often. Monday was a teacher in service day so no school for Lilly - she was still as she puts it "a little sick" and no speech on Tuesday because of Veterans day. On Tuesday we did have out family pictures taken by a great photographer and mom www.sarahjayne - she has a few previews up. After pictures it was off to Chuck E Cheese with Jess, Les, and the kids - they had a blast. I love CEC because the big kids are now old enough to play without us having to watch them every second! Wednesday was back to school and Thursday was gymnastics and playgroup (we hosted). Lilly has moved to the "big girls" gymnastics class - no more mom in class! It is good for her to be with the big kids and her friend Lily is in the class. After gymnastics we headed home and some of our friends came over. It was a small group but the kids had a blast! We went to Soup Plantation with my parents for dinner and the girls went through 3 bowls of Mac and Cheese - you would have thought I hadn't fed them in days! Friday was school and play time at Jess and the boys house after. We had a restful afternoon and then Uncle Justin came over for dinner. I made Passoli and it was so Yummy! Saturday I had a craft fair (not very successful, but fun) and Saturday night Uncle Justin took all of us to a great new Mexican Restaurant in South Mark - El Camino. It was his thank you for all of the home cooked meals that I make him. The girls were both amazing at dinner! They both ate and had A+ behavior - I actually got to enjoy my meal. Today is Sunday and the girls and I went to church - actually we went to music class and play time at church - I had every intention of going to the service after music, but my little ladies had their own ideas. I had a nice time talking to Courtney and the girls had fun. Then we were off to Grandma and Grandpa's for breakfast. My mom made pancakes, but Lilly decided that she wanted left over Venetian "noodles". She is a funny girl. We hung out with my parents for a while and Lilly stayed with my mom while I went to the grocery store with Anna. From there it was off to the Heffington's to meet up with Daddy and play with the cousins. Anna and I left early because she needed a nap BADLY and John and Lilly stayed and went swimming. Now I am having a few minutes of quiet. My grocery shopping is done for the week, my menu is planned, my house is clean (good enough), John cleaned the carpets - the man knows how to make my happy, and I only have 2 loads of laundry to do! I am ready for the week. I have a craft show tomorrow night and I am hoping it goes better then Saturday! Anna should wake any minute so I better get load 1 of laundry in.

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