Sunday, February 22, 2009

My baby is growning up!

Some times I feel like Anna is 14 months going on 14! She is so independent and confident. It is so amazing to watch how she can get onto and up anything. She has such a determined personality. She loves playing with other kids. We have been going to My Gym and music class and she just loves it. She also loves the church nursery. She gets in there with the other kids - most of whom are older then her and just enjoys herself. She also loves babies - so funny because she basically is one, but like I said she really thinks she is a big girl. She loves to go over to Karina's twins when they are in their seats and kiss them and try to get them out! It is also cute to see her react to her friends. When she sees Luke or Brady she just lights up. Anna loves to dress up and already LOVES shoes - she likes her shoes and any other shoes she can get her hands on. She brings them to me to put on her feet and even tries to put them on herself sometimes! She does still have "baby" moments - she is a snuggle and she still has that wonderful baby smell. I am going to miss that smell so much. Sometimes I just want time to slow down. She is growing up so fast. Lilly liked being a baby, but Anna just wants to get on with it.
Anna loves to play in the bathroom and loves wearing lots of clips!Lounging with a bottle - she loves her babaSisters Playing!
Big Girl drinking from a cup and sitting at the "girls table" - we had to get rid of the highchair because Anna wanted to sit in a big girl chair next to her sister!

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