Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sophie's Party!

This falls into the "better late then never" post. The first weekend in January Anna and I headed up to San Francisco to celebrate Sophie's graduation from Grad School! We are so proud of her and her new job at Convent in Atherton! John and Lilly stayed home and did some daddy daughter bonding. It was Anna's first plane trip and she did great! We got there on Friday afternoon and got our rental car (and car seat because that got lost- actually it went to Portland with the people who did not get off in Oakland). We picked up Sophie and went to lunch. From there we headed to Monica and Alisa's house to get a better car seat and some toys - we ended up playing and chatting for hours - so much fun. We brought Sophie home and headed to Gail's for a wonderful dinner with Sophie, Gail, Effie, and Kathleen. (Anna and I stayed at Gail's both Friday and Saturday night and she was the most amazing hostess!!!) After dinner we chatted and went to bed. Saturday morning we headed over to Effie's to get ready for the party. We spent the day getting prepared. The party was amazing! Effie and Kathleen thought of everything!

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